Saturday, September 15, 2007


The Pregnant One went to the doctor for the poking and prodding, only to discover that he said, "hmmmmmmmm....................". The belly measured for 9 weeks, which was pretty much ruled out as possible. So an ultrasound was done, just to see........

There are two. Two babies. Two sweet little babies. Two sweet little babies that will cry, smile, peepee, poopie, and love their grandmother.

But what will they be?

They are fraternal twins, not identical twins (there are two sacs, you see, so that means there were two eggs, therefore fraternal twins)....I learn something new every day. Isn't life wonderful?

So the possibilities are:
  1. Two Baby Girls
  2. Two Baby Boys
  3. One Baby Boy and One Baby Girl
  4. One Baby Girl and One Baby Boy
I threw those last two in there just to see if you all were paying attention.

I have a huge dilemma here. What do I make? White? Pink? Blue? Should it be smocked? Tucked? Lace? No Lace? Any way you look at it, the best odds at this point is 50/50. I'm open to suggestions here, please, because my mind is just blown away by the possibilities of Dresses! Bubbles! Short Overalls! If you know of a good pattern that would work well for a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl, please leave a comment or a link to it. Thanks in advance!

I have been doing some housework. And some knitting. I've been working on this design, from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits. It's by Lily Chin:

It's a very simple cardigan type thingee, worked in moss stitch. Perfect knitting while watching Design Star. Or Tim Gunn's Guide To Style. Or when your mind is blown away by the idea of Twins.

This would be warm, but not overly so. Since we have only two weeks of fall here (late January) and only two weeks of winter (early February) this would be wearable. How I wish I lived in Vermont, where I could wear this in June and knit with wool all year long. I like the 3/4 length sleeves and the basic lines. My idea is that if it fits, I can make it again and use a pattern stitch on the body. Goodness knows it's high time I used all those Barbara Walker books lying around here. The bottom ribbing is K2, P1. Simple. Here's a picture of it sunning itself on the back porch:

And a close up:

This is the Cherry Tree Hill wool I got in Vermont this summer. I love how the purl stitches are all pebbly. This stitch really shows off the yarn the moss stitch section to the stockinette front band and you can see the striped band effect versus the pebbly moss stitch effect.

Speaking of that front band, I'm not so sure I like it. It curls (like I knew it would!) since it is stockinette. Even the inset photo in the magazine shows a bit of curl. I'm trying to decide whether to leave it and keep going or to rip it and use the bottom band rib up the front edges.

Any suggestions? Anyone out there made this yet?


Shannon said...

Congratulations on your incredible, wonderful news!!! You are going to have so much fun sewing and smocking for two new babies! Yellow, blue and white makes a nice combination for both boys and girls. I'm kinda partial to that pale yellow Imperial Batiste- I think it's called Moonbeam. Seafoam green is good, also.
Oh, and the sweater is gorgeous, too. I love the colors.

Shannon F

MadeByAmanda said...

My sister is having a baby, and since we don't know if its a girl or a boy yet, I'm making a baby quilt in a sock monkey print that has basically every color in it, with solid squares in green, yellow, orange, red, etc. It's brighter than many baby quilts, but I figure that the kid can use it when he/she gets older, too, and still appreciate it. And they say babies see bright colors better, anyway.

MadeByAmanda said...

Oh, and I love that yarn.

Paula said...

De-lurking here - I'm thinking that the stockinette edge is a deliberate design feature - that the little roll inward is okay on the front edge. I've seen a couple of finished MC's and no-one has commented negatively on the front bands. FWIW. Gorgeous yarn and I agree - the K1P1 shows off the colors beautifully.

Congratulations to your entire family on the twins - double your pleasure, double your fun. :-)

LD said...

oh enjoy them!
It's such a blessing!
I have twins as well. 2 girls. They are 3 now and it's been a rollercoaster of fun and lack of sleep but the return on the investment is sooo very worth it!
God bless them and the newly expanded family, with many wishes for a healthy uneventful pregnancy!