Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Still Knitting

I have been so undecided about the stockinette stitch front edges on the Minimalist Cardigan that I put it down until I could decide whether to rip it out or keep on going. Thanks to Paula, the newest de-lurker, I think now that I will keep on going. She left a comment saying she had seen a couple of the MCs finished and thought the curl was part of the design feature. Since I do like the contrast of the stripe/pebble effect, I'm going to leave it as is. Thanks again, Paula, for helping me decide!

So I went back to the Noro sweater. I decided that the complicated lace pattern I wanted to use with the Noro yarn had gotten the best of me. It's a 29 row repeat, which is bad enough, but combined with the thickness and design of the Noro it was almost impossible for me to distinguish stitches and count properly. So I ripped it. After seven tries at it, I decided to choose another pattern. The fact that all I can think about is BABIES probably has something to do with it, don't cha think?

So after figuring out how many yards of Noro I had, I went to this issue of Interweave Knits:

And I found this, the Mandarin Blouse, designed by Annie Modesitt:

It's a fairly simple rib pattern that a half-witted person like I now am can actually follow without any trouble. And the neatest thing about it is something called a double knit slipped stitch edge on the front opening edges. It's worked over 5 stitches and is firm and doesn't curl at all. If you have this issue, look it up. I'm loving it.

Here's where I am after two skeins of Noro, where we are lolling around on the back porch where it is an amazing 80 degrees! That's sweater weather for us here!

Nice and blurry, isn't it? Here's a close up:

The yellow is not yellow, it's more limey chartreusey. The colors in the original post are more accurate than these.

And this yarn? Pricey. Stiff. Coarse. Like knitting with rope on size 7 needles. But I love the coloration and have $$$ invested in it, so I will end up wearing it with a t-shirt or something under it.

Next time I'll buy the Noro Silk Garden. And the blue bobble sweater on the cover above? I want it, too.....maybe in a nice burgundy or wine.....

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