Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 4--The Fun Continues

Vogue 7876

We have a completed muslin! First the front shot:

It's a little blurry, but what can I say? I had to drag a sleeping Random Teenager out of bed to get this photo.

When I saw this picture, the first thing I noticed is that I have loose folds at the armhole. I decided to leave this alone until I set the sleeves in case that took care of the problem.

The second thing I noticed is that the front tie end is too long. When I make this out of the real stuff I won't add that extra inch of length.

The third thing I noticed is that my plaid flannel pajama pants aren't very flattering. I love to wear these things when I sew. Even though they are hot, they are very comfy for moving around to the different machines and the ironing board. I crank up the A/C to offset the hotness of the things (yeah, right, I look totally hot in these, don't I?). But the best thing about wearing these is that since they are flannel all sorts of lint, snips, and thread ends cling to them. This keeps me from trekking sewing refuse all over the house.

If you click on the first picture to enlarge it, you will notice orange circles marked at the bust and an orange line marked near the front hemline. I transferred these pattern markings to the muslin so I could see if the drafted bust point and center front match my body. They do. This is one reason I enjoy sewing with Vogue patterns. Their drafting fits my body better than the other brands. It also points out another reason I like making muslins out of muslin. It's so easy to mark on and write on and it's cheap, cheap, cheap.

Want to see more? Okeydokey.

Did I mention that these are drawstring pajama pants? See all that wadded up drawstring and fabric under the front of the shirt? And yall all thought that was pure tummy, now didn't you?

Waistline, waistline, where art thou? This is all wonky because of the way I have the thing tied. But I can tell you I think I'm really liking this, even though this back shot is nowhere near flattering. The thing just feels good on. I can just imagine this in some luscious charmeuse or challis.......

Maybe I should buy a longline bra.....and once I get into the store, maybe a longline girdle, too????

I do have the sleeves in it, but there is not a photographer to be found, so I'll show you some detail shots of the construction instead.

I didn't rotate this picture, so just tilt your little head to the left about 90 degrees. This is the front drape piece. It is gathered and sewn into the shoulder seam and along the front opening edge. Then the rest of it just sort of, well, drapes.

Next up is the left front with the tie end. This tie end sneaks through an opening on the right side seam and snakes across the back. Since there are no darts in the fronts, the bust shaping magic is accomplished by those gathers where the tie end joins the front:

The right front in all its glory:

And a detail shot of the end of the drape and those same bust gathers (these are hidden underneath the drape when I wear the thing:

I'm off to the dentist but I'll be back! I'm already working on another project.....stay tuned.

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kate said...

I enjoy following your progress through these muslins so much! I learn a lot...thanks for sharing the steps.