Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 4 Update

Vogue 7876

First up is photos of this top with the sleeves in. Front:

The ever-popular side view:

The back:

Final analysis of this top:
  • I need to take up 1/4" at the shoulder on the shoulder seams, just like the previous top from earlier this week, to remove the droop at the armholes
  • I need to consider that this shoulder adjustment might be needed on all my tops, since these muslins came from different pattern companies
  • I need to add a teeny bit more room across the back for a little more movement ease--I will add a little at the center back and I will add a little at the underarm seam
  • Even though I look like a stuffed pig in this top, I really do like it. Strange, isn't it?
  • I feel all girly when I wear this
  • I need to go fabric shopping and find great stuff to make a zillion of these
  • Did I say that I liked this a lot?

If any of you would like to add to this final analysis list, chime right in. I'm listening. Maybe you see something I don't. Your input is always welcome!

Next Project--Vogue 7828

Here again we have a pattern I really like with the infamous "ALERT NOTE" on the back.

This is such an elegant and gracious look. I particularly like Views A and B. I like the little mandarin style collar. But the tucking steals the show on this one.

Did anyone besides me notice that the gal in the pink top is giving the girl in gray the Laser Eyeball Death Rays? After studying the picture for a minute, I realized that these two are about to have a catfight. The gray gal is sending an evil message of her own. Check out that right hand, won't you?

I was about to say that I'm surprised this got past the Vogue folks. But then, I'm so old nothing surprises me anymore. That is, unless a diamond is involved......

Anyway, back to where I was before my little mind got side-tracked. This top needs to be lengthened above the waist, too. And it presented quite a challenge. Check out the front pattern:

There are three tucks. Well, actually the bottom two are tucks. The top one is a combination of a dart and a tuck. So in keeping with the theme of this post, let's just call it a tart.

I folded out the tucks on the original pattern piece. I hope you can see what it looks like. This was almost impossible to photograph.

That tart closes up to form part of the armhole. Hmm, this means that I can make the droopy armhole adjustment right there if needed.

This pattern also had a waist marking for the tie ends, so I ended up right above that drawing in my adjustment line. I spread my pattern and then redrew the tuck lines in red. I "X"ed out the original ones. My goal was not to interfere with the tart at all.

Oh, yeah, there's another muslin.....

Today's moral lesson? Don't be a tart. Someone may be sketching!

I'm going to sew!


bkm said...

I don't think you look like a stuffed pig at all. I think this style is super flattering on you, and you totally should make a zillion of them.

Also, I was the model for the girl in gray. Sorry about the finger...

garywayne said...

I'm glad you didn't trash the black blouse. Have you finished it yet?

I like this new wrap one, but what material are you going to make it out of? And I think it needs to be longer. Is the tie part that comes down from the collar (and around the waist) going to be out of the same fabric as the body?

garywayne said...

bkm's a tart!

designdreamer said...

Started reading your blog about 2 days ago, and since I felt compelled to start from the beginning, I haven't gotten ANYTHING else done!!!
Love your sense of humor!
AND, we have few things in common. I'll post those in another comment or probably email you. Thanks so much for all the chuckles. Not to mention the instruction, tips, etc.