Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 6 Update

Vogue 7828 muslin is done!

I even hemmed this one. The front:

I took in the shoulder seam 1/4 inch and I altered the tarts, too. But I need to move the sleeves up on the shoulder one half inch. That will eliminate all that unsightly puckering (too much ease) at the sleeve caps and will just generally look better. The sleeves are too long, also.

The side view:

Gee, it almost makes me look like I have a shape, doesn't it? This top is definitely designed for silky fabrics, as you can tell. See how the drape pokes out in the front? A nice challis or charmeuse will drape very nicely, I think.

And the back view:

The sleeves definitely need to be moved up.

And no, I don't wear Mom jeans. These are Grandma jeans that are one size too big. I spared you the bottom of the leg view. I had rolled the cuffs up to my knees because I had a fresh pedicure!

Did I mention that I have a bit of a black eye? No, I haven't been in a fight. It's from the root canal. Thank goodness for Merle Norman is all I can say. Hopefully it won't be noticeable tomorrow.

It's still fairly early and I have time tonight to maybe cut something out....we'll see.

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