Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 6--I Have New Fabric!

First up a recap of Day 5:

  • Drove 75 miles and had a root canal
  • Almost fainted when presented with bill for said root canal (we're talking in the four figures here)
  • Wrote extremely large check
  • Sat in car and took 10 deep breaths
Then I recovered and drove 90 more miles to a fabric store. Talk about a quick recovery!

Bought this:

On the top is 5 yards of polyester linen-look bottom weight. On the bottom are three polyester blouse weights. The aqua polka dot will probably become a skirt for spring. The others? I don't know yet, but I do have a few ideas.
Since the Vogue patterns were on sale for 3.99 I was dismayed because I had bought 7 on my list last weekend when they were 40% off elsewhere. But I did buy this one, Vogue 1017:

I like several things about this one. The asymmetry. The back pleat. The combination of front dart and princess seams. The cuffs on the long sleeve. Here's the back:

I haven't tried Sandra's patterns before, so it was worth a shot at $3.99.
So even though I didn't do any actual sewing yesterday, there was sewing planning, sewing thinking, sewing obsession, and since I am stuck in the boondocks in the Land Of No Decent Fabric Stores, there was the requisite sewing driving.
I have never bought fabric online, but I'm willing to give it a whirl. If you have a good, reliable favorite online shop, please leave me a comment. I'm desperate for good stuff. And I have a real thing for paisleys, too....
As for today, we'll see what develops later on.....

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