Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Final Muslin, Part 4

Here I am again with this muslin, the final version. For this one, I cut a larger size to gain extra width across the body. I don't like tight clothes, and to me, people look slimmer if their clothes skim their bodies.

I made the shoulder adjustment and the princess seam adjustment. To get the princess seam exactly like I wanted it, I finally removed the basted seam and pin fitted it on myself. Once again I only adjusted one side, even adding a short sleeve to make sure it would all work together.

Here's the front:

The bodice fit is nice, but it's worth noting that different undergarments affect the fit of a blouse. I'm wearing something different here (a truly uplifting experience) and to my eye, I can see a difference.

Here's the side view:

I moved the sleeve up on the shoulder about 1 1/2 inches at the shoulder line, and raised the armhole 1/4". The shorter depth on the armhole makes a HUGE difference in the fit--the entire body doesn't move upward upon moving the arm if the armhole depth is correct.

One nice thing about using real muslin is that you can write and draw on it with a pencil. You may have noticed that I have penciled in the front seam lines in the photos above. I'm going to take this bodice apart, adjust the seam allowances, and I've got a pattern! That fits ME!!

Thank you to the anonymous commenter on the previous post. Go read it. I'll wait......

She hit the nail on the head. It's nice to know that I'm not just weird! The adjustments that she recommends are right on target.

Now that I have the fit of this blouse like I want it, I can make a real one out of the good I went shopping........

I need to take more photos!

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