Monday, October 1, 2007

A Lovely Little Thing

Here is one of the patterns I found for The Twins on Saturday:

I think the smocking in the center front is a very sweet look. And on the back, there is a large deep pleat on either side of the back opening. The drawing doesn't depict that pleat so I was very surprised to see it on the pattern.

Other things I like about this pattern (most of which you really won't know about until you open the pattern and read the instructions: four different sleeves, collar variations, hem treatments on the sleeves, and the full A-line shape. Since this is a single size pattern, it was also nice to find that it is printed on regular pattern tissue, like the Big 4, so no time will be lost tracing the pattern. That's a very big plus in my book. Very professional pattern pieces with clear markings, seam lines, etc. Excellent directions, too.

Things I wish were different: There is no separate instruction sheet. The directions are printed on the pattern tissue itself, and will be somewhat dismembered once the pattern pieces are cut off. Tissue is fragile, and keeping up with separate bits of instruction tissue will be a challenge. Yall know what I'm talking about--you have seen pictures of my sewing room!

I will also change the shape of the hemline when I make this one. More on that later.

And the final thing I will change is the back facing. Although I know it is standard practice in heirloom sewing to place the opening edges on the selvedge, thus eliminating the need to finish the raw edge, I just don't like that. It's personal, I guess, because I prefer a finished edge there. So I will make an adjustment for that when I cut out the pattern.

After thinking about this for three weeks, I think I will make the first one in white, with white smocking. But lace? no lace? what to do, what to do....

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sadie said...

That pattern is quite adorable! Possibly, if you are cautious and careful with the instructions, you can photocopy them, or tape them to larger, sturdier paper? It would be tragic to get halfway through and not find that next important scrap...