Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Beautiful Weekend

I accomplished quite a lot this weekend, and not one bit of it involved housework. It was perfect back porch weather. Heck, we turned off the A/C, opened the doors and windows, and enjoyed the breezes. Here's the completed left front of the Minimalist Cardigan:

And since I love this coloration so much, yet another closeup:

I have one of the sleeves half finished, too. I would say that I would finish knitting this up by next weekend, but other More Important Things have come to light. Namely, The Princess is growing.

Yep. She has moved quickly into the role of Big Sister and gone up a size in clothing. So the Most Important Thing right now is what on earth will she wear for all her fall social activites. After consulting with her Fashion Advisor (that's me), a shopping trip was in order. To save a fight with myself, I finally caved in and headed out on Saturday morning to here. I came home with four big bags. Two for The Princess, and two for The Twins.

Here's a pile of fabric that will become, one at a time, dresses for fall:

Here's a closeup teaser of a few of them:

Luscious, luscious, finely woven 100% cottons with a yummy smooth finish. Tomorrow I hope to thread the pleater and get started!

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MadeByAmanda said...

Oh wow, that's a lot of fabric. You will be busy. :)