Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Love Piping

As planned, I got in some good sewing time today. First I blocked the smocked front, then zigzagged around the armhole cutouts. Then I used the scissors. See?

Before I do the armhole cutouts I always straight stitch with a 2.0 stitch length along the cutting line. Then I stitch over that with a teeny zigzag--that's just my extra insurance that the smocking and pleating won't fall apart on me.

Then I made piping and basted the bodice front to the front skirt. Next I put the back together, including the placket. I didn't add piping to the back bodice seam allowance since the bow sash would just cover it up. This is how far I am now:

I interfaced the entire front and back bodices, as usual, with my favorite interfacing, Fusible Knit. Adding interfacing to the bodices really does support the weight of the full skirts, and they always look so fresh and crisp, never droopy.

Next up is the little puffed sleeves. Maybe tomorrow!

1 comment:

Jo said...

When you say you interface the entire front and back bodices, do you mean both yokes or the smocking section too?