Sunday, January 13, 2008

Inspiration Number One

I went over to cook for She Who Is Pregnant With Twins (Chicken Pilaf, Green Beans, and Garlic Bread) and a mail-order catalog was just lying around, waiting for me to pick it up. So I did. And I found this:

This is a real cutie, and for $200 it should be. Silk. Dry clean only. Yeah, right.

Forget cooking. I'm busy trying to figure out how to make this for, oh, say, about $20. Three yards of cotton broadcloth (the good stuff) should be gracious plenty, six covered buttons, three spools of thread, and another yard of contrast fabric for that bottom ruffle. Okay, maybe $25.

I have a feeling this one will keep me awake all night. See what I mean about not getting enough sleep? It's always something.

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Jen said...

Wow, wow, wow. Silk, dryclean only? And this kid is standing on a beach? Did I mention KID and BEACH in that sentence? They should make it $50 just for that. about gorgeous! No wonder my teenagers are always saying "Mom, how come the little kids get all the good clothes?"

So glad I found your blog. I'll check in daily! I'm at: