Monday, January 14, 2008

Ideas Are Percolating

As usual, I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about dresses. By the upside to that is that I figured out how to do what I want to do. But first, this:

Oh, pleater, how I love thee.

Yes, friends, this is Stormy Night. The poor little thing has been languishing in the sewing room, waiting to get its little sleeves pleated. I couldn't seem to make up my mind what length I wanted the sleeves to be. After finally deciding on elbow length, I cut off the extra sleeve length and ran each sleeve through the pleater. Although I pleated five rows, I doubt I'll smock that many rows.

Today I'm concentrating on the bodice of the little dress I posted about yesterday. The front and back bodices are a little out of the ordinary. In an effort to make this easier to see, I enlarged the original photo and cropped away everything except the bodice. It may be a little fuzzy, but here goes nothing:

I hope it will be large when you click on it. I did try, honest.

At any rate, here goes Part One of my ideas for recreating this design:

  • Use a standard bodice in size 2 from one of the major pattern companies. Not sure yet which one to use--I keep tripping over the darn things. I'll just grab one.
  • Scoop out the front and back neck a bit for a more summery look.
  • Make the front bodice long enough at the center front to accomodate three decorative buttons.
  • Close the back bodice with three buttons.
  • Add a little cap sleeve or a flutter sleeve. Maybe. More on this when the muslin stage gets here (yes, there is a muslin appearing here soon).
  • Small tucks at the bottom edge of the front bodice.
  • Back bodice appears to be gathered with elastic in the bodice/skirt seam. Or maybe it's tucked and gathered with elastic. Need to think about this one a bit more.
  • I can't tell a thing about the sash, except that it's mighty cute. Trimmed with rosettes and buttons, maybe?
  • Line both bodices
  • Use stay tape on the bodice/skirt seam, because this puppy is going to be heavy when I put eight miles of ruffles on it
That's where I am right now. I think I have the skirt all worked out, too, but right now I'm off to smock a couple of little bitty sleeves.

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