Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Of Course, I Went Shopping

Yall knew I would, didn't you? And I had a great time, and some good luck. Why is it I always want to buy 50 yards of fabric? I didn't, though. Only fifteen yards. Honest.

I adore this one:

And this to go with it:

I've pretty much decided that I'm going to use this pattern, Natalie, by the Childrens Corner:

I'm planning on using the black dot for the fold back flaps on the back and the pockets, red piping, and red buttons. Any guesses as to what I'll name this dress?

Of course, there's more fabric lurking in those bags over there...and some patterns, too...and the latest issue of Australian Smocking....

I've done a bit more work on Stormy Night. The smocking is all done and I have the back closure ready for buttonholes. Then the neck binding, sleeve and side seams, hemming, and it's done!

I'm not particularly happy with the way this smocking pattern ends in the back. I may spinkle a few flower buds around, sort of random like. I'll be better able to tell when I get the buttons on it.

I'm anxious to get through with this one so I can draft out the little purple number. It is my intention to have it drafted and done in muslin by nightfall Friday night. If so, I'll head out to Joann's and grab me up some purple and orange fabric early Saturday morning.

Thanks to all who have left suggestions and hints as to how to finish off the bottom of the ruffly parts. You're a great help, and I'm glad you stop by!


Virginia said...

I made 3 Natalies for my daughter when she was younger. I'd love a teen-age version to make another. It's a fun sew and your fabric is just perfect.

MadeByAmanda said...

I have some of that chicken fabric, only with a blue background. I love it! I think mine will be curtains for my kitchen.