Saturday, February 16, 2008

Do I Hear A Chicken In Here?

I woke up this morning with chickens on my brains, so I decided to make Cluck Cluck. And I did. Here it is, the front:

Front pocket detail:

The back:

And the fold-back flaps on the back, up close and personal:

I'm loving these flaps. And the black polka dot lining, too.

In the comments the other day, someone (I'm thinking it was patsjean) mentioned labels. I do put a label in every Little Dress I make. Here's the one in Cluck Cluck:

I'm really happy with this Little Dress.

I'm still pondering Flower Power and Doritos, although I must say I really do like the link to the chili pepper fabric an anonymous commenter directed me to the other day. I just may order some of that.


Anonymous said...

It's really, really cute! Lovely detailing with the piping, buttons and contrast lining. You've got such a huge talent!

Ginny said...

Sew adorable! I love how the fabrics and trim go together.

Anonymous said...

Cute cute Cute!

Anonymous said...

I love Cluck-Cluck. She is just wonderful. You made here this morning? Did you get up at 4:00? Wow.
After mentioning the labels to you, I decided to order my own.
Here is another thought...I see a huge market for your own pattern line. These little girl dresses are wonderful and I think many mothers would love to make them for their little girls. I know there is a lot work to start up such a project, but worth considering.

patsijean said...

Sooorrry, clicked wrong button. Not used to the new blogger format yet. The "anonymous" above is me, patsijean, praising your little dress.

Dianna said...

Is this one of your own patterns? A vintage one? I'd love to make one of these for one of my grand daughters - just wondering if I need to start from scratch. :) Great job - I love the fabrics and the turned back details!

Tany said...

Outstanding job! The dress is super cute!

Shannon said...

How adorable! I love the dot lining. What pattern did you use?

Shannon F