Monday, February 18, 2008

Re: Cluck Cluck

Thank you all for the nice comments on Cluck Cluck. To answer a few questions:

Thank you BIG TIME, patsjean, I have been thinking about a pattern line. Or just making and selling original Little Dresses on Etsy. Trying to decide, trying to decide....

The pattern is Natalie by the Childrens Corner. I posted a picture of the pattern a couple of weeks ago.

Since the dress is made of 100% cotton, I prewashed and tumble dried all of the fabrics before I cut the dress out. I made the piping myself out of solid red with crochet thread as the filler cord.

One thing I have noticed about patterns from the Childrens Corner is that the necks seem to be cut a little small. I've made more than one pattern from them and I have found this to be true in every case. It may just be me (or the children that wear them may all be Big Necked Children) but I would advise you to make a bodice out of muslin first to check the fit.

From cutting out to sewing on the last button, Cluck Cluck took 4 hours. One hour of that was pure wasted time. As I was marking the buttonholes on the back, I noticed that the chickens were upside down. Yep. I had turned the back skirts upside down and sewed them to the dress. For 15 seconds I tried to tell myself that no one would ever notice. Then for the next 30 minutes I took the dress apart (including all those serged seams!) and put it back together again. Sometimes I think I'll truly stupid. Or way too hard on myself.

So at any rate, I think I could make another one of these in 3 hours. I think I have enough fabric left to squeeze out another one in a smaller size. If I did so, and wanted to sell it, how much do yall think it would bring on Etsy or ebay?

I'm off today YIPPEE! and I have little fishes on my mind......more later. Maybe.

We'll see what develops.


designdreamer said...

I can SEW totally relate to having to rip out those upside-down chickens!!
It's a really cute dress.
I have no idea what it would bring. I have looked at these things on ebay, and I've not been able to determine what would make someone pay $300 for a dress that's a bit "over the top" for my taste, nor to only pay $60 for a hand-smocked dress.

Faye Lewis said...

You make beautiful childrens clothing...what patience!

Jen said...

First off, I LOVE "Cluck Cluck." Absolutely adorable; you're a genius for echoing the pocket flaps on the back closure.

Secondly, I looked on Etsy and dresses this nice are going for around $40-200. I'm sure you could, at the very least, just double your materials cost and add a little. Most Moms who shop for this kind of thing would come up with $40-70 -- actually don't you think it would be the Grandmas who would be buying?

You are so talented, you definitely need to do Etsy!

(how are the fish?)

jemima bean said...

This is an adorable dress! I'm trying to figure out if my 10 y/o would wear chickens...hmmm. :D Emailing you with the ebay etsy thoughts.