Friday, February 8, 2008

Doritos-Drafting The Pattern

I've started work on drafting the pattern for Doritos. I started with a fresh copy of the circle skirt pattern that I know works with my bodice:

In order to draft the triangles for the skirt, I first measured the center front line of the skirt, without seam allowances. Mine measured 10 1/2", which was nice, because I had my little heart set on three triangles down the front. This gives me three triangles, 3 1/2" on the long edge. Perfect.
So I marked off the center front every 3 1/2", then marked the midpoints (1 3/4"). I drew lines at the midpoint mark for the tips of the triangles:

Then I used my quilting ruler to draw the triangles:

I sketched in a few imaginary buttons and a seam line:

I'm getting excited by now, so I traced off the triangle section and added seam allowances, like so:

Since I will have four seams in this skirt, I need four sets of triangle panels. Since I plan on this being a multi-colored skirt, I made half out of one fabric and half out of another fabric.
Here's one set all seamed together before I turned and pressed it:

After stitching, trimming, clipping, and pressing each panel, I sandwiched each one between the skirt seams. Just for fun I tacked on a few buttons on the fronts:

And I just tacked down the flaps on the back side:

I used two colors of muslin, bleached and unbleached, to get the multi-color look.
Now to work on those hem triangles.....what do you think so far?


patsijean said...

Oooh...I love it..

Erin said...

It's so cute... I could Eat it! =)