Friday, February 22, 2008

A Wild Week

What a week! Today She Who Is Pregnant With Twins hits the 28 weeks mark, but this has been no small feat.

On Monday I took her to the hospital due to contractions. She spent the day and part of the evening there, getting fluids and stop labor shots. We came home.

On Tuesday, The Father Of Twins took her back to the hospital. Contractions, again. She stayed until Thursday afternoon.

Last night (Thursday night) she went back again and got more stop labor shots before coming home.

Right this second she is at home, on bed rest. I think she just likes the hospital food.

So that's what it's been like around here. Lots of high excitement, very little sewing. But hopefully that will change. Right now the fabric for Doritos (Yes! I found some!) is going around in the washer, so maybe I can cut something out here shortly.

We'll see....


CandlebyNight said...

2 easy natural things that may help your daughter not to have so much trouble with preterm labor.
1. Make sure she is staying complete hydrated. No.1 cause of preterm labor is dehydration. Read...lots of water...not soda or sweet drinks.
2. Good protein snack every couple of hours along with a good carb. Example: Hard boiled egg and 1/2 and apple, 2 oz cheese and 1/2 apple or Celery with lots of peanut butter.

I hope that helps.

Juliane said...

Thanks, Candle. She's drinking water constantly. She measures for 36 weeks (because its twins) so her body is really thinking she's almost to her due date....

Her doctors want her to go 9 more weeks, so we'll see...

Thanks again. It's nice to know you're pulling for us.