Monday, March 24, 2008

Doritos, Version 2

We celebrated Easter Sunday on a beautiful day, and I hope you did, too. It was a day filled with sunshine, good food, family, an Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones, and flowers blooming everywhere. We gathered at the home of SWIPWT, since she's bed-bound, and the yard was filled with azaleas, bulbs, and dogwood trees. Just gorgeous.

Since she has been really good this week (she's hit the 32-weeks mark in the pregnancy), she was allowed to sit on the front porch in a rocker and watch the egg hunt. Of course, after the little ones found the eggs, we decided to have an EXTREME egg hunt for all the Random Teenagers. They found out quick that us old folks could really hide some eggs. It took them three times as long to find the eggs as it did the little folks. A joyful day.

I did most of the finish work on Doritos, Version 2. It still needs buttons and buttonholes, but I am currently out of white sewing thread. A person with a driver's license is currently getting in the shower and will soon be on his way to buy more thread. After having two daughters and three sons, I can tell you that it takes a male child just as long to get dressed as it does a female child. These guys spend more time on their hair than I do.

I'm thinking I will use covered buttons on this version of the dress, using white on black and black on white. Comments?

And for lynn in the comment section, I can't remember what size crochet thread I use for the piping. It's the regular Coats and Clark in the big ball from Wally World. I'll get the size for you the next time I go.

I also finished the pattern work on Flirt, and have it pretty much ready to go. I'm cutting out another Little Dress today, this time from a vintage pattern. More later!


Nancy said...

Very pretty! I like the idea of contrasting covered buttons.

FavoriteStudents1&2 said...

Your dresses are absolutely gorgeous Mrs. W. And YAY! for the Etsy shop! We know it will go great!

-Your favorite students from the recent past:) [We'll be at the J-O-B to see you soon :)]

-P.S. Favorite student 1 really really likes that white pattern with all of the different colored circle type things on it. She thinks this Dorito dress is absolutely wild and would totally wear it!