Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break Is ON!

It has arrived at last--Spring Break! And to make things even sweeter, the fabric I ordered has also arrived. I'm hard at work already, making a new version of Doritos. Here are the fabrics I'm using (although I'm not sure I'll use the orange one yet):

Well, yes, indeed I did order full bolts. I'm going to enter the handmade clothes market and open an Etsy shop later this week. So it made good sense to order full bolts of fabrics.

My spring break will cover 10 days (today is day 2) and my goal is to make 10 Dresses in 10 Days. Wish me luck!

Here is the front bodice with part of the piping underway:

My helper, the Duke of Cute, came over to visit and spend the day with us yesterday. It took 5 people to keep an eye on one 3-year old. Here he is, sitting still for 30 seconds:

He is highly entertaining. One of the things he did was spray my bedroom, bathroom, and closet with a can of air freshener. And I'm talking about a CAN, an entire CAN. My clothes smell really nice!

Today I hope to finish the pattern draft on Flirt. It's almost done. On to the sewing!

I'll try and post an update tonight.


Adaora A. said...

Wow...what beautiful patterns. I'd love to have dresses made with those prints.

He's so cuttttttttttttte. You just want to tie him to a chair and pinch his cheeks. So adorable.

Lynn said...

Love how the bodice is coming along. I can't wait to see the entire dress!

What size cord or crochet thread did you use for that piping?

Anonymous said...

I adore your choice of fabrics and the dresses are so cute! Can I ask where you got the one with the white background and coloured dots?
I'll be looking out for your etsy shop. I have a girlfriend who's just announced she's pregnant and its a girl. MMmmm the shopping!