Saturday, March 1, 2008

Still Pivoting

Here's a picture of Pivot basking in the sunshine. It's a beautiful day today. Absolutely perfect for finishing up a Little Dress...

For the bodice I ended up cutting 10 more circles, for a grand total of 50 so far. More satin stitching to come.

I have two more ideas in my head, and I'm still practicing drawing little fishies...still working on that idea.

We're thinking Pivot may need a big sash and bow--hot pink, maybe?

On the Twin Watch, She Who Is Pregnant With Twins has hit the 29 week mark, had a really good report on a detailed ultrasound earlier this week, and is still in bed eating ice cream and resting well--growing and growing and growing two little babies......

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

CD the lurker again,

Just wanted to say nice news about SWIPWT ;) I'm almost at 20 weeks myself but I only have to worry about one and I'm not on bedrest. I'm pretty sure I'm having a girl. I've got to relearn how to smock soon -- not your kind of smocking (which I love), the other type, without the pleats (I don't have a pleating machine), for a christening dress ;)

Anyway, as always, I love your blog ;)