Sunday, March 2, 2008


Pivot is done, and She Who Is Pregnant With Twins says it is her favorite dress of all. I spent the day at her house, babysitting her while The Daddy Of Little Girls put the last coat of paint on the twins' bedroom. The baby beds and furniture will arrive very, very soon.....

The Princess wasn't in the mood for pictures today, so I'll get photos of her in Doritos and Pivot later. Meanwhile, Pivot and I took a break during nap time and hung out on the front porch a while. See?

I need to trim a few threads, don't I? The hot pink sash really pulls it all together. Here's a back shot, with little dark pink buttons:

And a close up of the back bodice and bow:

This Little Dress makes me happy. Comments?

I have the fish dress figured out, now I just need to find the right the meantime I'm working on the pattern for another idea that's burning a hole inside my head.

So many ideas.

Drat. I have to work tomorrow.


Ginny said...

I couldn't quite picture how Pivot would look completed, but it is adorable! As usual, your creativity is amazing!!

Lynn said...

wow--is that CUTE! Is this what you and your son envisioned from the beginning, or was it an evolving concept?

The fabric/thread choices couldn't have been better.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing the process.

Nancy said...

So amazing! The sash really makes it look finished and ties it together. Hehe, that was an amazingly bad pun.

Really, this is a dress to be proud of!

It was mentioned previously that you could sell some of your patterns, and I think it would be magnificent! I do wish more small girls were dressed as well as your Princesses!

Are there any loops to hold the sash in place?

Juliane said...

Thanks all for the comments.

Yes, Nancy, I used three loops for the sash, made out of pink fabric. There is one on each side and one at the center back.

I agree, it really does "tie" it all together.

jengi33 said...

Absolutely adorable! You have my mind thinking on how I could do the same thing!! :)

marty said...

It is an adorable dress. All little princesses should be so well dressed. Great work!!!