Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Quick Update

Little Ruby is being discharged!

Little Pearl didn't get a Get Out Of Jail Free card yet, so the mama and the daddy and Little Ruby and I are taking over a couple of hotel rooms for the next several days while Little Pearl gets up to speed. We're going to hang out and wait for Little Pearl, since the NICU is not local (yall do remember that our hospital got blown away in the tornado?), but is about an hour's drive away.

At any rate, when my daughter called me at school yesterday to relay the news about Little Ruby, a plan was quickly hatched as to how to manage all this. One, they didn't want to leave Little Pearl, Two, they didn't want to leave Little Ruby, Three, they needed another Grandma, since the Other Grandma is taking care of The Princess, and Four, they are beginning to get a little frazzled.

Yall cannot IMAGINE how mad I was. I mean, really. They wanted to know if I could take a few sick days, check into a nice hotel, hang out in pajamas all day, eat restaurant meals delivered to my door, bring along a little needlework project and a couple of books, and spend lots of time rocking Little Ruby, holding Little Ruby, changing Little Ruby, snuggling Little Ruby, sitting and gazing at Little's enough to tick off anyone, right?

So it's 4 a.m. here, and I'm up and gathering my things together. Then I'm off to pick up the cradle and baby things and I'll be heading out. I do plan on taking the laptop, as I'm pretty sure we'll have internet service.

I just need to figure out how to get a rocking chair in my car. I have a small one that was my Mama's that she always used for rocking babies, and my sister suggested I take it with me. Good idea. It may have to ride in the passenger seat with me, seat belt and all.

Wish us luck! And keep those sweet thoughts coming for our little babies. We appreciate each and every one.

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Shannon said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful, exciting blessing these new little babies are. I hope they are both doing well and Little Pearl gets to go home soon. Just think of all the little dresses you're going to have to make for these two!

Shannon F