Monday, April 14, 2008

Everything's Coming Up Babies...

We're still here, chilling out at the hotel, and things are going wonderfully. It seems like these little babies get bigger every day.

Here's Little Ruby, who likes being my roommate:

And I actually caught a picture of her with her eyes open!

"Yo, Grandma, I need some food here, woman!"

And Little Pearl (who is really not quite so little) is chugging right along, getting plumper and cuter every day. If this doesn't look like a lump of sleeping sugar, I don't know what does:

Now she's all stretched out, and ready for some food! With the eyes open! This has been my lucky day for baby pictures, it seems.

We're still set to go home on Wednesday or Thursday since everything is fine with both little babies. Over the weekend The Princess came to visit and she is fascinated by "the bobby" (which is her word for "baby"). We can't wait to see her reaction when not one bobby, but two bobbies, come to her house to live!

Keep those good thoughts coming. Thanks, all.


Lynn said...

So, so, sweet! Thanks for the update! You are one lucky family!

Anonymous said...

such sweet, beautiful bobbies!


Jen said...

You do realise that when they weigh about 4-5 lbs. they are indeed your "little sack of sugar."

What sweeties. I wanna hold'me right now! You are so incredibly, incredibly blessed. Thanks so much for the photos!