Sunday, April 6, 2008

Two Little Bitty Girls

Here they are! On the left is Little Pearl, at 5 lbs 1 oz, and on the right is Little Ruby, at 3 lbs 10 oz:

Both are healthy and nursing, and Little Ruby is really fiesty. She's gone completely wireless, and is wearing an Indian feather on top of her head. She loves her Mama! Little Pearl seems like she will love her Mama, too; today was her first try at nursing. And we can't tell if they are identical or not. It seems to me like Little Pearl has darker hair, but maybe she just has more of it since she's a bit larger. And they were born on Thursday night and almost made it to 34 weeks gestation--my Blogger clock must be in the wrong time zone, or something

Here are Grandpa and I, each with a handful of little babes with bows in their hair:

And here they are, sunbathing at the spa with sunglasses on--Little Ruby:

And Little Pearl:

We are blessed.

On the sewing front, I did start a project mid-week before all the excitement kicked in. Here's what it still looks like, all in a heap:

This one is Festival, and that's what we're going to have when everyone comes home from the hospital!


Lynn said...

Pearl and Ruby...I could just die from the cuteness!!
Of course I'm partial to the old-fashioned names (Sadie).
They are simply gorgeous! 34 weeks is fantastic!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Jo said...

My Mum (would have been 97 this year) and her sister (both deceased) were called Ruby and Pearl!! They had a third sister called Molly, so keep that in readiness for next time!!

rino said...

so small & so cute!
Nice reading your blog! In swedish sewingblogs "retro" describes another style, more 60s/70s.
Good luck with your babies:-)

designdreamer said...

Ruby and Pearl are so cute! Did grandma make "home from the hospital outfits"? I've never had a baby so small (au contraire), but I *thought* they were generally allowed to go home once they hit 5 lbs? Of course poor Ruby is bound to get lonesome without Pearl.
Rino, I'm pretty sure this is what Julianne's "Retro" refers to also . . . well maybe not limited to the 60s and 70s. Maybe I'd better just let her reply.

Jen said...

OMG! These photos take me back to my twin girls, 2lb 15oz and 3lb 15oz! What beautiful BEAUTIFUL names! I just wanna hold'em. Put that sewing machine away for awhile, Grandma -- you gotcha some babies to hold! There is just nothing finer than that little nuzzling in your neck when you put them up against your shoulder --

I remember the bilirubin lights as well. Oh, the memories of those isolettes. Hey, 34 weeks is darn good! Little Pearl is quite a heavyweight for a preemie!

You ARE SO SO SO blessed. Thanks so much for the photos and letting us share this sweetness in your life. We all wish we were you!

Su said...

They're beautiful, and I love the names!

Summerset said...

Oh Juliane! This brings back so many memories! While I don't have twins, my daughter was born at 34 weeks, was 5lbs. 1oz, and yes, had to do the sunbathing with the glasses on and has a blanket exactly like those pictured. I know how tiny those babies are, first hand. Wow, God bless you all!