Monday, April 7, 2008

Update and a Skirt

First off, I want to say thanks to all of you for your sweet comments on our new little babies. They are sweet and delightful already, and we can only wonder what joy they will bring us in the years to come. Today Little Pearl has her IVs out and is getting supplemental feeding (breast milk) through a gastro tube, since she's not quite strong enough to suckle well. And Little Ruby has graduated to a regular plastic isolette bed! She Who Was Pregnant With Twins continues to get better every day, and went out to eat supper at a real restaurant for the first time in months. She and The Daddy Of Little Girls are staying in-house in a hospital hotel room now that she has been promoted out of medical custody.

Here's another member of the family, Lulu, who joined us here last week:

She came from here. Although I ordered a size 1-2, she actually measures a 3-4 in the chest; so I can't dress her up in little stuff like I had hoped, but she will be really handy for draping, designing, and deciding on proportions. See?

This is the first part of the Festival skirt. I had put it together and then all these Fashion Critics that hang out over here decided it needed piping in the skirt seams. So I took it apart and added piping. As usual, they were right. Here's a close up of a seam:

The skirt will be gathered onto a bodice of some sort--still playing around with that part. The skirt will have three more pieces attached at the bottom-a flap, a band, and a ruffle. And yes, I had to take all of THAT apart, too. I just love me a seam ripper!

Again, thanks to all of you. Keep those happy thoughts coming our way, if you will.

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Adaora A. said...

Must. Have. That. Skirt.

OMG! If that isn't a work of art I don't know what is.