Friday, June 6, 2008

Pants, Version 1

It's been another exciting day for the yard. The Tree Men returned, and as a special treat, the Bulldozer Guys came, too. We had to move all the cars (I still don't know where mine is--I guess one of the kids drove it off somewhere, and just think, it had a full tank of gas in it, too) so they could get a bucket truck, a dump truck, a bulldozer, two trailers, and too many chain saws and ropes to count into the back yard. More tree work from the tornado, I'm afraid. PLUS, the Bulldozer Guys are here to knock down two old decrepit sheds in the back yard.

How decrepit is decrepit? Well, one of the old sheds was the original outhouse for the big house, so it must have been built around 1890. The termites have had a heyday with that thing. The only thing holding it up was kudzu.

The Duke of Cute was here, too, to watch the men work. He and Pa had a large time watching the men with the big machines.

Last night I sat in front of the TV and basted together Version 1 of the Burda pants pattern. I'm talking about real basting, the kind done by hand. That's right, I basted the ENTIRE pair of pants together (even the hems!) by hand. With quilting thread. Here's a view of the front:

I wore these for about four hours today while cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, and other sorts of bending and working activities. I did this so I could tell if the things really fit or not. So many times I think something fits me, only to have it drive me bonkers if I wear it to work.

I can sit, stand, bend, stretch, walk around, and sit some more in these. They are very comfortable. But after wearing them I realize that this pattern is drafted for saddlebags, which I don't have. All of my butt is behind me. So I need to take about an inch off each side seam from mid-hip down.

Here's the back view:

Again with the saddlebags. With the additional problem of too short of a crotch length. Although these feel really good on, they don't look so good, now do they?

The waist fit is fine, I'm just not sure if it's at the right point on my body. So next I plan to taper out those saddlebags and let out the crotch seams and wear them some more. Then I can make a better decision about the waistline.

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Adaora A. said...

Yea I agree. The saddle bags aren't so pronounced because you're thin. If you had a bit more on you....