Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Finally Found It

My camera, that is. It has been MIA for the past week. I finally found it in the sewing room, of all places. That kind of gives you an idea of just how much sewing has been going on around here, now doesn't it?

That's because we are in the midst of a massive landscaping project. As I'm sure all of my neighbors will agree, our yard has been pretty pitiful since the tornado. Now that all the stumps and stubs of what used to be wonderful shade trees have been decimated by the chain saw and stump grinders, very little is left.

I can describe it in just two words.

Not Much.

There used to be a retaining wall there. It was clobbered by trees and heavy equipment, so the Landscaping Guys have busted down what was left of it and piled it in the yard. A shiny new one will go up any second now.

See the big ugly piles? See the nice front porch? See the not-so-nice view from the front porch?

This used to be our front walkway.

On the right you can see what's left of the front walkway pavers. We're going to reuse those (and about a hundred more) to rebuild the walkway.

See the nice dirt?

But now, oh, my goodness, just look at all of THIS!!!!

All of those glorious, beautiful living things will soon live in the front yard. There are 100 daylilies, 400 asiatic jasmine, little gem magnolias, elm leaf hollies, stokesia, purple coneflowers, hundreds of daffodils, white zinnias, and about 200 things I can't identify.

We are going for an English cottage garden look, with a basic green evergreen foundation planting with hundreds of perennials for four season color. Also included are 10,000 square feet of centipede sod and a monstrous irrigation system.

It took a whole can of W-D 40 to get that wallet out of my Sweet Heart's pocket.


kate said...

Wow...I don't dare imagine what that is costing, but it's going to be spectacular!

Jen said...

I think . . . I would take your front porch alone without any of the landscaping.

But all those GORGEOUS plantings will make me even more envious.

Thanks for making me green today. Pun intended. ;)