Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Little Peas In A Pod

We're all at the beach, having a little vacation. Of course, these Little Bobbies have been entertaining Grandma. Here they are, posing on the sofa:

That's Little Ruby on the left, and Little Pearl on the right.

Little Ruby comes in at a little over 9 pounds, and Little Pearl is over 10 pounds. So Little Ruby has tripled her birth weight, and Little Pearl has doubled hers. Fat babies!

Of course, Little Ruby is still extracting revenge for being so mistreated while in the womb:

See the sneaky litte smile? See Little Pearl do what she does best? Holler, that is. There is a reason her nickname is Holler Head.


Erin said...

OH! growing diddle bobbies!

Adaora A. said...

OMG how adorable!

Pearl on the right (in the first photo), looks as if she is fully aware of the fact that she has nana wrapped around her chubby little fingers!

She's all "yea I'm the bees knees!" Look at the sly grin on her face!