Friday, February 5, 2010

Pattern Design Puzzle

Still here, still knitting, still wishing it would stop raining. Also, still fighting off a nasty cold.

Instead of cooking supper, I'm puzzling over the pattern design of bodices. I wish I had the link to this for you, but alas, no dice. I'm referring to this:

In particular, the one on the bottom right that has the three button closure. Things that are running through my head while I try to decide what to cook with chicken tonight:

1. There are three buttons and either three buttonholes (or maybe snaps).
2. The buttonholes would be on the wearer's right side and the buttons would be on the left side.
3. The button plackets are pleated, pieced, separate, joined with seams, OR
4. This is simply a fancy pants yoke topstitched to look like it is pieced.
5. This whole thing is a well organized conspiracy in order to avoid cooking until the last possible moment.
6. This whole thing is a well organized conspiracy to give me a headache.

Gone to cook.

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