Friday, February 19, 2010

Pattern Drafting 101

At last I have gotten my hot little hands on this, one of the greatest books ever written on pattern drafting and design:

Yep, the one by Jack Handford. What I intend to do, am determined to do, and plan to successfully do, is draft a bodice that will fit ME, ME, ME!

I started out by reading Chapter 1, How To Measure For The Basic Blocks. In fact, I read it twice. It took two readings for the directions and the reasoning behind the directions to fully sink in.

Now the main problem is that I could not possibly take two hundred bodice measurements by myself. So I had to wait for a visitor. Not just ANY visitor, it had to be a special visitor. One that not only knows how to sew and use a measuring tape, but one that has a rotten memory so she couldn't tell the world what my measurements are. I'm talking about The Sister, of course.
So she came and we cooked and we played with babies and we ate and we cooked and we played with babies and before she left I had photocopies of the directions for the two hundred measurements and I Had The Measurements!

I intend to find time this weekend to turn these measurements into a personal bodice pattern. We'll see, won't we?

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