Monday, January 3, 2011

Muslin 1, Advance 8524

Full Warning: Shameless photos ahead. Okay, I warned you!

I put a pot roast in the crock pot and got right to it on Muslin 1 for Advance 8524. Here it is in all its hideous glory:

See all that saggy business above the boobs? See my muffin top? See how tight it is in the waist? On to photo 2:

I always do this when fitting because if I can't move in it and do normal stuff (like cook) I will be miserable wearing it and it will drive me NUTS. Since I live on the edge anyway, I do not need any extra nuttiness, thank you very much.
So, okay, I can raise my arms comfortably. But see all that pleating business going on above the bust? That tells me the bust darts are not pointing at my bust. They may be pointing at someone's boobs, just not mine. On to photo 3:

I see a drag line on the right shoulder. A photo like this will tell you lots of things. By looking at the drag lines I can see a difference in the shape of my two shoulders. The muscle at the very top of my right shoulder is more developed than the left shoulder. That's because I am right handed. This photo also shows the need for more width at the waistline. On to photo 4:

Yep, I can move in it, but I have a bit of a gap at the neckline. On to photo 5:

Obviously I have no shame (blush, blush). Now that we have ALL agreed on that, let's look at the bust area. The darts are obviously too high. But look at the side seam. See how it is pulled towards the front of the body at the waistline? But it is in the right spot at the underarm? This is because the FRONT of my body is larger than the back at the waistline.
This is actually important because it tells me I need to split the waistline and add a couple of inches to the front bodice at the waistline, but not to the back bodice.
I'm going to move darts! More later.


angie.a said...

This is going to be SO helpful to me! I have to make many of these adjustments too and honestly, I get tired and give up alot. I'll be watching along with you!

Juliane said...

Thanks, Angie!

Anonymous said...

This is excellent. Thank you so much for putting your fitting photos on your blog, I admire your boldness.
It's very helpful and I will be following your progress. It's truly hard to do all this fitting stuff by yourself.