Monday, April 30, 2012


No one has accused me yet of being a fashion maven, but I still like to look at the new designer offerings. Sometimes there are things I really like. And sometimes the things I really like would actually work in a normal life for a somewhat normal person, like me. So here goes.

As a person who sews, seeing new details, fabric mixes, unusual seaming, and dart manipulations can be very intriguing. Almost fascinating, at times. Here are a few runway looks that have caught my eye.

Here are some DO WEAR!

First up, from Carolina Herrera Spring RTW collection, I like this one.

The shape? A basic sheath with a slight boatneck. Fabric? A tad of color blocking in black and white. The eye catchers here are the color inserts on the cap sleeves and the front slit. Look a little closer and you will see the the sheath itself has seaming details (from her right shoulder down across the body to hip level, and also from her left mid-thigh curving back to her right side ending just below the fingertips. Nice. To wear this in real life you would need to make that slit into a deep box pleat. Add white topstitching, and voila! great simple little sheath dress for summer that looks like dynamite.

Here's another one from the same designer. I love the way the center panel is white and the side panels are black. Instant 20 pound weight loss! Basic princess seam shirtdress. This would be a good dress even without the belt. Notice how the squared neckline is repeated with the squared inset. Notice also that the squared off section of the white inset is wider ABOVE her waist, with the narrower white portion BELOW the waist, again making the hips look slimmer. I only spot one button at the top of the neck opening. If you've seen a backview of this dress, please leave me a comment. I can't help but wonder if the back has two colors or is just black.

 Next up is another sheath dress, this time from the Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012 RTW collection.

Notice how all the focus is on the bodice. Granted, there is a lot going on in the bodice. I'm not sure what the top yoke is--use sheer checks, woven ribbons, or woven fabrics. Use ribbon or braid for the bottom bodice. This one has regular underarm bust darts. You would need to be VERY careful with trim placement around the bust area. And of course you could raise the horizontal trims (the ones at her waistline) if you didn't want to accent your waistline. Just in case you have created a large waistline for yourself by constantly exercising your fork. Like me.

This one is Chado Ralph Rucci Spring RTW, in a beautiful textured fabric. Again, the sheath dress, this time with slightly cut in shoulders. Instead of side seam bust darts, there is a shaped yoke at the top. Yoke, neck, armholes, and wrap edges are bound with some gorgeous silky something or other.  The overskirt portion could be attached in the side seams. Notice how the edges of the overskirt are almost vertical, just slightly angled--makes her appear taller. Loving it.

 Here is a DON'T DARE WEAR.

Carolina Herrera Spring RTW. This model is approximately 6 foot 2. She weights 82 pounds. The shoes and belt account for 20 of those pounds. If SHE looks fat in those pants, so will I.

I have more of these, if yall are interested.

And yes, I got my little dress pleated. It was a horror. I don't even want to talk about it. Not yet, anyway.

Smocking has commenced.

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Gail said...

I am totally smitten by the sleeveless Caroline Herrera. While it was on your do not dare list, I loved the jacket and would wear with more fitted cream or white pants.