Monday, October 29, 2012

Back With A Wardrobe Plan

I'm back, once again. This time I have an actual sewn wardrobe plan.

This wardrobe will fit my new life, to wit:

No more job, no more grading papers, no more writing lesson plans, no more worries, no more money.

Plenty of hanging out at house time, sitting on the porch time, chilling on the patio time, cooking for the hordes, massive laundry piles, cleaning a huge house, petting eight cats constantly.

And no, these are not my cats. I don't know whose cats they are. But all of them call me "Meeemamaow". Smart little boogers.

In my real life:
 I wear pants and capris.
Rarely a skirt.
Love loose dresses for the summertime.
Like to wear tights in winter.
Refuse to wear spanx.
Love shoes
Love necklaces and bracelets.
Want/need/desire to be comfortable day in and day out (see above about no spanx)
Wardrobe needs to be casual, since I am at home 95% of the time.
Rarely go to grocery store, department stores, any other stores.
When I do venture out, I want to look nice, stylish, and well put together.

My new life is almost perfect--husband, house full of menfolk, daughter, granddaughters, cats, extended family nearby, and the flexible time to enjoy it all. Only thing missing is comfortable stylish clothes to wear while I do all the fun stuff.

I need four grunge outfits--two for yard work and fishing and two for cleaning and painting.  
 And that's it. Except for the shoes, of course. Not wearing spike heels to the Wally World.

So I'm pulling fabric for me out of the stash. Have one sewing machine in for service at this very moment. Found the instruction book for the new serger. Plenty of new sewing machine needles and about 30 recent Vogue and Burda Style patterns.

Camera is charging. Photos of fabrics to arrive shortly.

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Gail said...

Oh for such a life! I find myself with a need for more and more business clothes. What I would enjoy sewing more are a few t-shirts and items of boho chic.