Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Time to Dive In

On my last post, Gail remarked on how fortunate I am to have so much time to indulge myself. The flip side of that is I become totally stagnant--having too much time can work against me instead of for me. So I have decided to jump start myself (while my fabrics go through the washer and dryer) by entertaining myself with a bolt of fabric I don't particularly like anymore.
Stop smirking. You do it too. Buy something you love and later think WHY, WHY, WHY did I buy that? 
So here it is--a bolt of a striped black, pale green, and ivory/white 100% cotton:
I have to admit that I have a bolt of a coordinating fabric to go with this. But since I want to challenge myself a bit here to use up/get rid of/play with ideas with the stripe itself, the coordinating bolt is off limits.
I'm ready to dive in--have empty thread spool holder, empty pin cushion, Gingher shears, two pairs of glasses (I'm wearing one of them), various pencils and sketch pads, a notebook, and a new three-way light bulb.

And of course, my own personal voodoo charm--a seam ripper. I firmly believe that if I have one handy--right THERE in front of me--or better yet, in my very pocket--I will not need it.

I'm off to play with stripes.

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