Thursday, November 8, 2012

Burda 7189 Muslin

I've started work on the long sleeved muslin for Burda 7189. I'm hoping to get this one to work because I like the sleeve, collar, and front band options. This would work well for me in the Wardrobe Plan.
This is the two piece bodice front. The center front has an inset pleat over the princess seam section. I think this is a nice detail.

I have marked the center front, buttonholes, and lengthen/shorten lines with dark thread. A very nice thing about this pattern is that there are THREE lengthen/shorten lines on the front--in the sleeve area, between the bust and waist, and between waist and hip. This should allow me to get the best proportional fit. I'm tall, so this matters to me a lot.

You can see that the sleeve has two lengthen/shorten lines, too.

But far and away the most exciting thing I see in this sleeve is the shape of the sleeve cap. The left side of the sleeve in the photo will be the front, and the sloped side on the right is the back.

This is the detail that is so lacking in modern patterns. I do not understand why Vogue could draft patterns like this in the past, but cannot do so today.

This is my first Burda blouse pattern. I have high hopes! I'll be putting this one together this evening.

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