Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vogue 2775

Everyone needs a jumping off point, so for my little striped project I needed a bodice. Unfortunately this blurry photo is all I can come up with at the moment. The pattern is Vogue 2775, circa 1957. The bodice on this dress extends to the natural waistline.

Here's the  bodice front of this Little Dress. Notice if you will the waist dart used to shape the bodice. Of course a size 4 little girl wouldn't need a bust dart, but she does have a somewhat cylindrical chest. The dart is there to gently shape the bodice around her little chest. This is one of the things I love about vintage patterns.

I extended the side seams of the lower bodice to get a more squarish bottom. This is because I still don't know which highway I am on. Better to have that extra fabric than to wish for it later on after I've cut it off.

The strongest inclination I have for the bodice is for the stripes to be horizontal. So I drew off some straight lines perpendicular to the stripes and ran row after row of machine basting stitches, ending up with this. Just for good measure I narrow hemmed one edge of the fabric before the basting started.

After pulling up the gathering rows, I now have this:

Oh, hello, little darling, I might be in love with you.....


Gail said...

OMG, My mother made this dress for me in about 1964. I remember it so clearly.

Juliane said...

Wow. Old patterns take me down memory lane all the time, too. Do you remember if she put the front button on plastron on your dress?

Thanks for sharing.