Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Now I'm Ticked Off

Geez, I just wrote the greatest blog post ever. It was witty, funny, sarcastic, informative, inspirational, and perfectly divine, with just the right amount of griping thrown in for good measure.

And Blogger just ate it.

Just for sake of asking, does anyone out there know what happens to your stuff when you are typing along, smiling, singing a happy little sewing song in your sweet little head while Blogger constantly saves your stuff every three seconds automatically, and all of a sudden you get distracted by a cat, causing you to hit the wrong key on the keyboard, and your wonderful stuff just disappears? And if it was automatically saving the whole time, WHERE IN THE WORLD DID IT GO?

I wrote about this:

 And this:

And Vogue 1177. And thread tracing. And chalk pencils. And strep throat. And nerds.

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