Monday, November 26, 2012

Wardrobe Plan Colors

This is the fabric I'm using for Vogue 1177, the top/dress, a crepe de chine with a black background with several shades of brown, camel, and ivory dots. I can't remember where it came from, or when:
I can already tell that it is going to fray and shred and make a mess in the sewing room. But that's okay. Right now there are four people in this house with very active cases of strep throat and so far I am not one of them. Hanging out in the sewing room with a vacuum cleaner suits me just fine.
I have been collecting brown toned fabrics for the past year. This has been deliberate.
Before retiring early, I taught high school and college. The main school colors were black and red (at one school) and black and grey (at the other school). As a result I wore a lot of black--tops, coats, shirts, pants, shoes, you name it. I want to do something DIFFERENT. So brown is my chosen color for the Wardrobe Plan.
Here are two more recent additions to the pile. Pretty sure these came from Joann's or Hancock. These want to be tops of some sort.

And here is a strep throat patient who is helping out by holding one of these ten million kitties around here. These cats are wearing me out.

That is one pretty Little Girl with Long Tailed Louie.

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Gail said...

The tan, black and white spots is much more interesting than regular polka dots. Hope you feel better soon.