Friday, November 2, 2012

Stripe Play

I've been in the sewing room looking, just looking, at this bolt full of striped fabric. I didn't want to cut it up and waste fabric, so I sat and worried about that for a while and finally said (to myself) heck with this and I stopped looking, just looking, picked up the scissors and cut off a half yard or so, and started playing around with it.

I felt much better.

I found pins (finally) and just started messing around with the stripes. I pinned in pleats so that the wider stripes were hidden:
Then I pinned the stripes so that the skinny stripes were hidden:

Then I cut off another piece from the bolt and started thinking about bias stripes and how that might look as an applied bottom band around the bottom of whatever this might end up becoming:

I started really getting into it at that point. I found this and started playing with it, too:
And since there is absolutely no shortage of fabric piled up around here, pretty soon this stuff caught my eye:

Or maybe this:

Neither of these fabrics are the coordinating bolt from the original purchase, so as far as I am concerned these should be fair game. So should these random buttons I found in a rubber tub:

This is starting to get fun. I have no idea where I am headed on this little road trip, but I have filled the car up with gas and I am off, somewhere....

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