Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Productive Day In The Life of A Seamstress

Although no real sewing took place yesterday, quite a bit of sewing activity DID in fact occur. I was fortunate enough to hit up the not-nearly-local-enough JoAnn's and Hancock Fabric sales and loaded up on patterns (about 30 of them). So, no, I do not restrain myself one little bit when it comes to buying patterns. Not when they are on sale! More on that later.

I came across a bit of fabric, too, mainly basic solids to be used for linings and muslins, so they made it back home with me, too. I also got some ideas for future versions of Vogue 1312 using a mix of fabrics, so I set about figuring out how much fabric I would need if I wanted to mix fabrics in the skirt portions of this pattern.

This is a hanger shot taken on the dining room door. Hideous, isn't it? It is so ugly I can't get a Random College Man to take a live action photo. I'm still in the process of fitting the bodice, hence the pins. I can state with certainty that if you make the bodice out of a woven fabric, the zipper WILL be required unless you want the bodice to fit you like a sack.

This shot is taken on the dining room floor so you can get an idea of the shape of the skirt top. It is the standard handkerchief style cut that gives the skirt portion the drape.

In this photo I spread the entire bodice and skirt portion out so I could add in the side and bottom pattern pieces. The bottom front and bottom back pieces are cut on the fold at the center front and back. I'm showing this to demonstrate how I have determined how much fabric to purchase if I want to use a mix of fabrics. Based on this layout, I will need the following lengths of fabric (based on 45" width): Bodice front and back 45 inches, Sleeve, 22 inches, Main skirt (yellow in photo above) 48 inches, Bottom skirt front and back 44 inches, Bottom sides 44 inches.

If I had made these measurements earlier, I could have bought fabrics for a mixed version yesterday.

I guess more fabric shopping is in my future....of course, I probably have enough fabric here somewhere to knock out a mixed version to fit a Little Girl.....

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Lisa Laree said...

This pattern is in my stash, as well; don't know when/if I'll get around to making it, but I agree it just looks fun ;-)

Watching to see how it turns out!