Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vogue 1312--Unsewing Ready to Wear

I'm still scratching my head a bit over the final front bodice fitting on Vogue 1312 and currently have the bodice lining in the washer. I'm ready to cut my final garment but I want to make sure I have the fit correct before I use the good fabric. I'm being cautious here because I don't want to rush into this project and get the cart in front of the horse. In my experience, that usually results in a wrecked cart.

So while the knit lining is in the washer, I continued working on my closet clean out, adding unworn items to the donate pile. Once again, I pulled this blouse off the hanger, pondered it a bit, then put it back in the closet.


Blouse with side and waistline bust darts, decorative bands, inset yoke, short sleeves, standing collar band, button front.
This is a 10 to 15 year old cotton blouse I purchased at Cato's Dress Shop eons ago, in a size 14-16 Womens . It is missing a button and I have worn it to death. The original fabric was very soft, almost as soft as Liberty lawn. I don't wear it anymore, as it is almost tissue thin. But I cannot bear to part with it. It has escaped the donation pile many, many times.
But this time, it was different. This time as I sorted things to donate, I had Vogue 1312 on my mind. As I put this blouse back on the hanger, I asked myself WHY don't I get rid of this blouse? And the answer came back to me in a flash.
Because it is Comfortable. Because it Fits. It Fits in the Shoulders. It Fits in the Bust. It Fits in the Waist. The Darts are in the Right Place. I can Move my arms freely. The Sleeve is Perfect.It is Flattering. It makes me feel Feminine when I wear it.
Those are pretty darn good reasons to hang on to it.
Those are even better reasons to take it apart!
The back has a yoke, and the lower back has a few gathers at the center.
I am working on taking this apart and hopefully creating my own personal woven bodice block from it. I am anxious to compare the bodice to my current bodice for Vogue 1312.
Before I started taking it apart, I used a permanent marker and marked across the darts, collar placement, shoulder lines, yoke lines, etc. I will use these later to create a pattern.

 More later. Thanks for stopping by!

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