Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mental Sewing

Been very busy the last couple of days with the house and taking care of our former Romeo, now recuperating at home after an overnight stay at the vet. He keeps giving us this perplexed look, as if he knows something is different but he's not quite sure what.....

In the meantime, I have done a massive amount of mental know, the kind you do in your head where you lay out your pattern pieces, cut it all out, then go through the sewing order you will use sew this seam, then that seam, then go press it, then on to the next seam....admit it, we all do it.

I am going to cut out the bodice lining first and construct and fit it for Vogue 1312. I am using navy ponte knit for the dress, and stretch navy Jet Set knit from JoAnn's for the lining. Makes better sense to fine tune the fit of the knit lining first, since I have plenty of lining fabric and no ponte to spare.  Hopefully some REAL sewing will occur tomorrow. If I don't have to hold a cat all day.

Thanks for stopping by. The cat is fine. Thank you to all who sent emails or left comments about him.

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