Sunday, January 28, 2007

So Vogue, Sew Retro

This is Vogue 6686 and its description:

"Skirt has gathers each side of centre-front, a back panel and joins the bodice at waistline. Narrow collar, wide revers. Front buttons from V-neck to below waist-line. Short kimono sleeves button on top."

I just don't think that "sleeves button on top" says enough. These beauteous (a new word!) sleeves have extensions for the buttons and buttonholes. And they are faced, to boot. Here's the pattern back:

Click on the back and you will see that the collar is cut in one with the bodice, and there is a separate facing piece for the bodice fronts as well. It looks like this facing will extend down below the waistline, providing support for the buttons and buttonholes. For great looking work, use interfacing. The fusible knit is soft, yet firm, at the same time. You can use it on any fabric. Great on wovens IF you remember to prewash and tumble dry. Trust me.

Double darts in front and back. Slight gathers in front to accomodate the lunch we are going to consume. I need to go get fabric and a pair of spectator pumps, don'tcha think? I'm thinking navy blue.
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