Friday, September 28, 2007

A Truly Murderous Affair

Number One son recently had a birthday and was feted with food, drink, and murder at the hands of his friends and family. Yep, that's right, a murder was committed, and the Birthday Boy himself was the victim. How's that for a happy birthday?

Here's what we saw when we arrived at the scene of the crime:

The Pregnant One set up and planned the entire thing. It was a murder party kit, complete with characters, plots, clues, and costume suggestions. We had a blast. Here we all are:

One of those people is a murderer!

There's the Actress, the Class Flirt, the Valedictorian, the Head Cheerleader, the Tech Guy, the Class President, the Newspaper Editor, the Jock, the Big Man On Campus, the Hall Monitor, the Drum Major, the Pom Pom Captain, the Yearbook Editor, the Bad Boy, and the Math Whiz.....

And me? I won the Dressed To Kill award, in my role of Cindy Crawfish, the Class Flirt, of course!

Check out those fishnet hose, won't you?

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