Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's A Good Thing...

....that I have a new window in the sewing room tonight.....

since something EXTREMELY rare is happening outside right is pouring down rain!

This rain is a wondrous thing, since it makes only the 5th time it has rained here since March 1. That's almost six months. Fortunately for us the few times we've had rain it has been a substantial amount. It's been raining here this evening for several hours already. Since my yard was demolished by the tornado and construction work I haven't been concerned about gardening at all this year. But I have missed the smell of rain. My husband and I have been sitting on the back porch, smelling the smell......

As for the piles of stuff on the tables under the window, all I can say is that our contractor is a very kind person. He actually straightened up all that stuff after he put in the window. I'll let you imagine what it looked like before he took out the original window.

Due to the smell of rain, no knitting or sewing has been committed today. But I have this for you!

McCalls 5108

This one has a copyright date of 1959 and the envelope is in extremely poor shape. It has been used, and from the looks of the pattern, it was probably a favorite pattern. Once you get past the fancy overskirt you can see that this would be a good basic dress pattern for early fall or spring/summer. Here's the back:

Raglan styled bodice, basic straight skirt with walking pleat or full gathered skirt. I like the necklines, V in the back and scooped in the front. The front scoop is a cross between a scoop and a bateau neckline. I'd love to have one of these overskirts just for fun, for that rare occasion when I venture near the stove...if I'm going to impress these men I live with, I might as well be wearing a black lace apron when I do it. And the dress would need to be lipstick red.

These gals in the photo definitely need to get out of the kitchen and into the gym for a little weight lifting to square up those shoulders, don't they? And I am loving the needle-point high heels!

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