Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 Plan

It may be a little extreme for me to call this my plan for 2008. "Dreams" may actually be a better word. But in the spirit of setting goals, raising the bar, aiming for the sky, and all that kind of stuff, here I go--this is what I want to accomplish this year. Laugh if you want to.

2008 Plans
  • Make 20 Little Dresses. My reason for being may very well be to make this world a more beautiful place. Twenty little dresses will certainly help, don't you think?

  • Make 10 Garments For Myself. Goodness knows, I've made enough muslins already. I'm ready to Do It. Besides, I hate all my clothes.

  • Make 6 Aprons. These will all be retro style, of course.

  • Buy 200 Vintage Patterns. If you want me to be honest about all these plans, I might as well own up to this one publicly. I crave the darn things. I've been good. I need to reward myself, don't I?

  • Make 1 Smocked Ornament. I had planned to do this one during the Christmas holidays, but life kind of got in the way somehow.

  • Complete 4 Needlework Projects. Two of these will be unfinished projects from the past. Two will be new projects, ones that the UPS guy delivered to me during Christmas. What? Your dog and cat don't give you Christmas presents??????

  • Smock With Beads. I despise working with beads. I am going to self-medicate this illness by immunizing myself by combining beading with something I love. That's where the smocking part comes in.

  • Finish The Quilt I started a few months ago. All it needs is a border, for crying out loud.

  • Plant Flowers. And water them.

  • Buy More Shoes. At least one of these must be a pair that I love so much I will buy them knowing full well that I will never wear them.

  • Knit One Sock. This should be nerve-wracking enough to put me off the knitted sock hunger pains I've been having for six months. It should take just one sock to put an end to this. A full pair shouldn't be necessary.

  • Get More Sleep. This one ain't gonna happen, yall.

  • Make Pink Things.

That last one there, about the Pink Things? Well, I haven't made The Princess anything pink yet. And now, the announcement that has me dreaming in pink--remember those TWINS that are due this spring? They are both


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Kelly McCants said...

wonderful list! I love the plant flower and water them! I feel that way about grass seed!.

best of luck!