Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ideas Still Percolating

Okay, I still can't draw, and this time I even used a ruler. Sort of.

But anyway, here's my sketch of the skirt part of the dress I want to make. This represents half of the skirt--there will be two of these. For simplicity's sake, let's just call this the skirt front, shall we?

I started by drawing a half circle at the top. This is the part that will be sewn to the bodice. I will measure out the desired length and cut myself a piece of fabric.

The shell shapes (a complete shell in the center front, and two half shells shown for each side) are the sewing lines where I will attach the ruffles. The gathering foot for my machine will get a real workout on this one. The finished skirt will have four sets of shell ruffles (center front, center back, and one on each side).

Aren't you admiring the cute little flounce I drew on the bottom edge? That's the separate ruffle underlay shown in orange on the original dress. I haven't decided how to attach that piece yet.

The photo also shows a band applied to the bottom of the main skirt body. That's that thin little strip I drew right above the ruffle. I plan to cut a bias strip and essentially bind that bottom edge of the main skirt.

Yes, I know that means I will be sewing a bias strip to the bottom of a bias skirt, but what can I say? I just love me a good challenge!

If you have any ideas, or suggestions, please speak up! The only thing I love more than a challenge is a comment.

I'm off to smock some little sleeves.


Jo said...

I would join the bottom orange frill to a separate false under skit (joined in at the waist) made out of knit fine nylon (like petticoat fabric)or any other thin light weight material, so it would swish and hang better and eliminate a sewing attachment line on the beautiful heavy frilly upper skirt.

Juliane said...

Thanks, Jo, I like that idea. Maybe if I line the skirt with cotton batiste and attach the under ruffle to the lining? Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

(CD without an account)

I really wanted to say what Jo said, but she beat me to it (some time ago ;)

I wanted to add that I think the skirt does have a ruffle in purple at the end. Either that or they end the semi-circular ruffles about an inch and a half before the end. I looked at the picture blown up on my computer.

Good luck with the dress and I can't wait to see it. I love your blog.

Jo said...

There is a purple and two orange ruffles on the under skirt (maybe you could make it out of orange net!!). I think it should be a separate skirt (not an actual lining sewn in with the seams). If it was made out of net it would help to hold out the upper skirt with a net frill under the purple and orange frills (which are much fuller than the top skirt). The top half of the top skirt doesn't need any extra "pouffing", but from half way down the frills on the top skirt I reckon a net frill (or two!!??) under the frills on display (cut it a bit shorter-or it wouldn't matter if it showed)would make it hold out just like the original.