Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A New Project

The next project is a little dress I've named Flirt. It is based on a basic A-line style jumper. Here's my drawing, if you can call it that:

It's the style at the bottom, an asymmetrical design with an overlay and pleated collar and many buttons. I like buttons. A lot.

Since the design is asymmetrical I had to draft an entire front and an entire back pattern piece.

I drew in the seam allowances and then removed the extra length from the back shoulder, since the style I started with had buttoned shoulders:

I then used the eyeball method to divide the skirt into sections:

After marking the grainlines, I cut off the bodice front and bodice back in order to draft the collar and back opening. Here's the bodice back. Hopefully I will end up with a nice collar line that wraps around the neckline.

You may have noticed that one side of the bodice is longer than the other. That explains my notes about cutting with the fabric right side up. When working with an asymmetrical design each piece must be cut individually.

I'm off to try my hand at a little bodice. Anything can happen at this point. Maybe it will resemble the original drawing, and maybe it won't. It's usually a crapshoot.

Stay tuned.


Rebecca said...

Looking great. Did you decide on a color/colors yet?

Connie said...

~This is a great design. I love the one shoulder pleated collar! I'll check back to see the finished dress.~