Friday, January 8, 2010

The Year That Was

2009 was a busy year for our family. This might give you an idea of what went on:

1 person restored a house
1 person graduated high school AND started college
2 people learned to walk, talk, climb, and take off all their clothes
1 person started kindergarten
1 person started "school" (aka kindergarten for 3 year olds)
1 person got a drivers license AND a speeding ticket AND a lecture from his parents
1 person lost 30 pounds and got a shiny new heart stint
1 person had brain surgery
1 person retired from one career and promptly started another one
1 person decided there are things much more important than a regular paycheck
1 person decided to simplify her life and spend time doing things she loves with people she loves

Gee, no wonder I've been gone for so long.

1 comment:

garywayne said...

TWO people restored houses last year...