Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Muslin 1, Part 3

I decided to add space to the waistline on each side of the center front (due to a bit of baby flab still holding on there after 17 years, oh well) so I marked the spots with pins:

I cut a split about 3 inches long at each mark, then added a bit of muslin scrap underneath. After basting those in place, I did another try-on:

This is better, but still not good. Even though I already added one inch to the bodice length, I think I still need another inch or so.

So my next step is start over with Muslin 2 for this dress. I will lengthen it plenty and add plenty of room at the waistline. Please point out any other problems I need to address!

More later, as I am back to the drawing board.

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